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DIDDYWATCH: Howard U. revokes honorary degree

He did that or he ain’t did that?

  • He did that shhhhh

  • Nah he ain’t do that shh

  • He did SOME of that shh

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I guarantee there are a lot of people who are afraid to publicly speak out against Puff for fear of bringing attention to their own skeletons. Got mfs on the internet doing risk assessments before they post a response....lol. They don't want shorty from that old relationship to be like....

As soon as he started talking about puff. Mfs couldn't wait.

His fault tho. If he just released the 5mins they talked about it on Friday instead of deleting it and waiting to rehash it today for 2 hours that shit would have been done and over with by Monday. Now he's getting his back kicked in for kicking another nigga back in cause there's people that will swear on everything he's just like puff.

Welp. He's beaten the allegations before. I want to believe he's innocent. Hopefully he can beat em again.

Nah he was gonna lose in this no matter what. He don't say nothing people say he's trying to save Puff. He kick his back in and he's being a hypocrite. Oh well. He'll be alright

See, that's the kinda shit that keeps mess happening. Vado was wrong and dude was right to go check him. But then he came out and told Tahiri that she did nothing to cause what happened. That's a lie. What she did doesn't excuse what he did, but what she did most definitely triggered what he did. People have to stop telling these women that they are innocent after they assault others. That's crazy.