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DIDDYWATCH: Howard U. revokes honorary degree

He did that or he ain’t did that?

  • He did that shhhhh

  • Nah he ain’t do that shh

  • He did SOME of that shh

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All this unfollow shit seems performative as hell.

Why folks checking who follows who anyway. Yall think these folks really gettin pressure like yo why you still following that nigga?!


For me kicking his back in now doesn't really do anything. Everyone was fully willing to protect their relationship with him until that video came out in spite of the fact insurance companies settled on his behalf and didn't want to go to trial. Which says to me he was at least guilty of some of that shit which should have been enough to stop protecting the relationship.

Shouldn't be nothing but an apology to Cassie if you're going to say anything. I'm looking at all of em crazy and suspect. Too much scrambling going on.
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The nigga who gleefully told this story wants people to believe he wasn't abusive?

He didn't really deny being abusive he just deflected from in that ig post

Budden is a psycho and tahiry is a shamless pass around. The most toxic couple in hip hop for years.