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DIDDYWATCH: Howard U. revokes honorary degree

He did that or he ain’t did that?

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You didn’t watch the video.

Fonzworth would leave parties early and was only around when the cameras was on, was known for telling Puff no, and was also fired cause he stole J. Ho’s 5000 dollar boots and other items.

You think puff only did fuckshit late after parties? Yeah I watched the video that wasn't an important detail.
All this unfollow shit seems performative as hell.

Why folks checking who follows who anyway. Yall think these folks really gettin pressure like yo why you still following that nigga?!

In their world this shit matters

To a nigga like me who don’t follow anyone he actually fucks with this shit is pointless
@AP2.5 can you delete the Top 3 slander that's on the last couple of pages. It's derailing the thread and needs to be stopped
She said diddy had the gun and shot her. She said that in court. This is in 2001. The third screenshot below states that claim.

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No sir, she did not say that. She claimed that night of the shooting she saw Diddy pull out a gun & also Shyne, but didnt see who shot her. I went over this in my earlier post with links to the Washington post article from 2001. Even in your post all it says is during the fight she saw Diddy pull out a gun then seconds later she heard a bam. But when they booked Diddy originally, one of his charges was for firing a gun in the air during the fight. Whatever thats worth
But during & after the trial she never said she saw Diddy shoot her. Even after she sued him and won, she didnt say it & during the 15 year anniversary in 2014, she didnt say it was Diddy. She just complained those articles showed sympathy to everyone else involved and not her. It wasnt until literally this year when Cassie sued him and settled, thats when shes been making rounds saying Diddy shot her and claiming shes always said that. But thats literally not true.

My original post with links

Over the years I've noticed, when a random someone gets too many headlines over a bunch of platforms, that pretty much means they're on a press run, and you should be a lil suspicious. Quick google search show this lady came outa nowhere to be everywhere around feb/march when Diddy was getting dragged. She talked to anyone that would run a story, claiming she wanted justice for Diddy shooting her. How she told everyone back then it was Diddy and not Shyne but everyone protected Puff and for years he's harassed her by constantly flattening her tires.

But I found her story slightly changes over the years.

In 2014 during the 15 year anniversary of the shooting, she got attention by going online to yell at publication that ran stories remembering the incicident. She claimed they were showing sympathy to the celebrities involved and not her the victim. She makes no mention of Diddy shooting her, just that she was shot and traumatized.

Today (Dec. 28) marks the 15th anniversary of the New York nightclub shooting that left Diddy, Shyne and Jennifer Lopez in police custody in 1999. One of the victims of the shooting expressed her feelings on Instagram about the horrific night.
In acknowledgment of the anniversary, curating hip-hop blog UpNorthTrips posted on Instagram the 1999 New York Daily News cover story about the infamous NYC club shooting.
“I AM THE WOMAN WHO WAS SHOT IN THE FACE. THE MOST SERIOUSLY INJURED PERSON...I have suffered a great deal of PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL PAIN behind this FOOLISH DISPLAY OF EGO AND INSECURITY...God bless the others who shared in and survived this tragedy with me… I lay here in bed thanking god for sparing me in spite of all the tribulations… feeling at PEACE… Only to see @upnorthtrips displaying sympathy for celebrities who played THE INSTRUMENTAL ROLL IN MY INJURY AND PAIN… Way to go @upnorthtrips give yourself a [hand].”
This article mentions her filing her 130 million dollar lawsuit against Diddy in 2008 and settling for 1.8 mill in 2011

Vladtv(yea yea yea i know yall hate him) also had a post to this story in 2014, but the source link to complex is dead. But it did have an interesting quote on it.
{quote}Reuben doesn't mention Diddy or anyone else involved the shooting in her comments, but did share her close relationship to the hip-hop culture long before the shooting.
Lastly I was able to find this from 2001.

Prosecutors had charged Combs, 31, with gun possession and bribery stemming from a Dec. 27, 1999, argument at Club New York. They said he had fired a weapon into the air during a melee in the midtown Manhattan club.

Prosecutors also tried to prove that Combs and Jones had attempted to bribe Combs's driver into telling police that the gun in the Navigator was his.
Of the 44 prosecution witnesses, probably the most important testimony came from the driver, Wardel Fenderson, and the most seriously injured gunshot victim, Natania Reuben.

Fenderson said that before Combs entered the club that night, Fenderson noticed him in the Navigator's back seat, "holding in his hands a black handgun.

Reuben described a scuffle inside the club between Combs's entourage and a group of men standing at the bar. At one point, she testified, "I saw Mr. Combs . . . pull out a black gun with his right hand." She said Barrow had drawn a weapon as well.
She recalled seeing muzzle flashes and then feeling as if "a flaming hot sledgehammer had hit me in the face," but she did not directly accuse Combs or Barrow of firing that shot.

This is similar to the Tory Lanez trial that I hated about it. People involved know everything on social media outside of the trial, but in the courtroom dont say anything. But I knew her story was fishy when she claimed she told everyone it was Puff that shot her, but everyone protected him. The DA wouldnt of protected Puff Daddy. They would of lovedddd to win such a high profile case of locking him up.