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Black Excellence baby, we gon let em see...

This whole slide of black family showing they support and giving all the emotions for sending off the babies to college. Going to college in these times can be difficult so shout out to the families supporting they young adults!

How This 7-Year-Old Author Is Inspiring Kids to Dream Big


Aria Bolden is on a mission to make the world a better place, one kid at a time. She may only be seven years old, but already, Bolden has written and published a children’s book that inspires young people to be changemakers.

The book, titled Zoey The Unicorn Can Do It, is about encouraging friends to believe in their passions. It’s a simple but important message that’s relatable to people of all ages. “My goal is to inspire kids to dream big and be confident in themselves,” Bolden tells NowThis. “Through my book, I want other kids to know that all dreams are possible when you work hard, are nice to people, and believe in yourself.”

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