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I was trying to think and you right, lol. It was just a fun annd funny ass movie.

I guess if there was a plot it was about the dead couple trying to navigate a weird ass after life. But they never had a goal other than to co-exist with the living in the house.
The plot was about a couple who died while trying to fix up their new home or some shit

They become ghosts and then a new family moves into the house and they try to scare them away but nothing is happening so they call for the big guns to come and help but didn't account for all the stuff that came with the genie getting out the bottle
I’m definitely still hype for this, but I am a little disappointed they’re taking the scope outside of the house and underworld. Hope they don’t get too ambitious and water down what made the first so great.

Focus should be on Beetlejuice and his shenanigans not 5 new characters.

I think they are taking the cartoons approach it seems
I’ll go see it, the family is hype for this…but I am not. It looks wack tbh.
I’ve seen episodes of the cartoon but remember nothing about it. I know I don’t remember being impressed so if that’s their direction I’m not looking forward to it.
Cartoon was ass cheeks. And that's no hate it just literally was something different.