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I fuck wit it

ive been telling people for years that im surprised they havent remade beetlejuice yet . I actually expected a remake before a sequel but this is cool

always imagined they would remake it as an even darker comedy or something
I remember the cartoon having a couple of seasons. They can go deep with the mythology..... Their land of the dead concept had so much potential....

That hallway of doors was deep as fuck to be glossed over so effortlessly
Crazy part being a Beetlejuice fanatic growing up the cartoon was trash to me. I know some who like it tho. I just wanted a live action sequel to push all that over
Man, beetle juice is one of my favorite films. I watch it anytime it comes on. I enjoyed the cartoon as well. The movie gave me nightmares when it was kid.
I’m only mad they didn’t do this sooner. They’re both still really good actors.