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Poll 8Ball & MJG: True or False?

8Ball & MJG Are Just As Good As 3-6 and UGK

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They never reached the height of 36, they def should be honored but 36 accomplished way more and deserves the recognition.

Legends as fuck but comparing to the Mafia, nah.
Some of our mothers and fathers are gone
Our sisters and brothers are gone
Our babies and children are gone, but life goes on!
And so you gotta be strong because hard times
Do not discriminate, they only intimidate
Bully and eliminate people without any faith
And if it wasn't for the pitfalls in my life
I never ever woulda learned how to climb out
Some things you can't be told or taught
Some things you just gotta find out
Some people go from millions to nothing
Some people go from nothing to mils
But what both them got in common?
Neither one of them is happy still
You can bring a preacher or practice still
Or whatever your tactics is
So many people out here so fake
They need to take a break and practice real
Pimp tight, MJ, tryna live life and do a little good
I played my part but I didn't write the book