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FEATURED 2024 NBA Play-In Tournament Thread

Goes back to my “Zion should be a bigger star” argument

Niggas charging more to see Trae Young and Derozan face off lol
All I know is that a memo will be sent to the officiating crew to get the Lakers in the playoffs.

7th seed, 8th seed, it doesn't matter.
I just hope Zion prepared to not get any whistles tonight. Focus on finishing at the rim and if you get the and 1, that's a plus but don't get discouraged.

I hope the let Herb be just as physical on defense as they let LeBron be on offense.
Fuck Lebron and anybody who loves him. Pelicans handle ya biz. And don’t 🐐👍🏼 or ❤️ this AP, it’s still up nigga.