OUT NOW Kanye West - "Jesus is King"


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Dec 24, 2017
ABW Bucks
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White people playing this


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Aug 7, 2018
ABW Bucks
I think some of these artists (Kanye) are paying people to buy their albums and streams. By doing this they increase free promotions and radio play to actually increase sales. Only artists with a lot of money can pull it off. Proof???None. But, I know for a fact other artists have done this. It's called chart manipulation. Prince kinda did it by including a cd with his Musicology concert (Rihanna and Lady Gaga saw this and did the same thing), Brian Epstein bought 10,000 copies of his own music. Lil Wayne was rumoured to have done it too and Limp Bizkit and Master P. It's called "LABEL STREET TEAMS." Some artists are able to set up SERVER FARMS, where people can pose as separate individuals around the world buying music but it's actually just the same 10 people responsible for a million sales.

AMAZON counts every purchase as a single sale and doesn't report if a person bought in bulk. For example, this theory wouldn't work if you purchased music in Best Buy bc bulk purchases only count as a single sale when Best Buy reports to Billboard. The idea behind this is people buy what they think other people are buying. This is why many celebrities with Instagram accounts hire fake bots to be their followers and why they have 55 million followers when actually they might have like 2million. Basically, I don't believe that many people bought Kanye's music. I refuse to believe that shit. Artists do this when they want to prevent critics writing about their careers flopping. Kanye's music is quality. It goes without saying he has talent. That is not the point. It's like the George Michael pandemic or epidemic. When George Michael came out the closet he lost his audience and sales and career dropped. Kanye lost his audience, and once blacks don't fuck with you no more as an artist; whites also for some reason usually also don't wanna fuck with that artist either
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Jan 4, 2018
ABW Bucks
Christian rap is wack as hell tho we all know this
I haven't been keeping up w it. But at one point I was listening to alotta Christian rap and there is definitely some talented dudes out there, making great rap music. Is no different than regular rap, in the sense that some people are just good. But a select few know how to spread the message the right way. Andy Mineo and of course Lecrae were my favorites
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Apr 25, 2018
ABW Bucks
if the entire album was on the vibe of "follow God"...this could've been a banger

but...he didnt...and that's why the project as a whole is butt
Follow God is aight. We haven't heard from Kanye in so long that we've lowered the bar considerably.
Follow God is like the only decent beat on the album that bears any resemblance to the quality music this dude used to make regularly

How the fuck can anybody who's actually familiar with classic Gospel music actually co-sign this trash

Christian rap is wack as hell tho we all know this
the best christian rap i ever heard was random unknown local niggas on community radio stations back in the day. Me and my friends used to talk about this. You'd look for another station at night and accidentally stumble onto some dope shit from nobodys you'd never hear from ever again. Christian Rap is basically Hip-Hop No Man's Land because most of the churches hate it and most hip-hop listeners think its a joke.

As far as established rappers go, the only guy that has any real business doing gospel rap albums is DMX. Let's be real, even the most cynical atheist in the world is keeping his mouth shut during one of those epic DMX prayers this nigga been doing at concerts for 20 years.

That Tye Tribbet trap song was INSANE tho. Why the fuck Ye didn't do a track like this is beyond me. I liked the whole idea of him just messing around having fun with a huge gospel choir in weekly jam sessions and it was like he barely used them for the actual album......