(Video)Check Out Kanye West & T.I In The Studio Workin On Ye’s New Album

Kanye West & T.I Working On Ye vs The People



It’s been a wild week or so for fans of Kanye West. He’s gone full troll mode and it’s to the point where most people with a functioning brain no longer take him serious. The sad part is, we all acknowledge that he’s a great artist so it’s hard to no check for his music. He dropped two new songs this past weekend. One song was clearly a troll song and the song with T.I was a weak attempt to gain sympathy from the general public. In the song he tries to excuse the trolling with pseudo intellect and most like me aren’t buying it. T.I even loses points joining in on this bullsh*t.


Check out the video below of Kanye West and T.I working on their new collab.



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