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Top 5 Albums Made By A White Artist(s)?


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When it comes to entertainment, white people make really good movies and TV shows... but I always felt music isn't really their thing.

There's only been a few occurrences when I heard a song by a white person that sounded good.

But maybe I've been sleepin

What are the top 5 albums by a white artist?
I agree White people don't seem to be good at making music

1/2. License To Ill & Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin are jewish. jewish people do not consider themselves White. So you could count these two albums. They were groundbreaking at the time and professionally made.

3. Led Zeppelin IV - This album has Stairway To Heaven and When The Levee Breaks. Stairway To Heaven is a masterpiece.

4. Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd - Good album. I've listened to it a few times. I don't understand the big deal though. Black Artists in that era were making much better music.

5. Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles. Somebody bought this album for my birthday when I was a kid. It's a solid album but again, Black people were making better music at the time.
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I can name so many, that im unsure where to start. Idk about top 5, since im bad at lists like that, but here a few

The Neighbourhood - I love you

Singles from this album

Album playlist

The 1975 debut

They had a few big singles from this album and idk the biggest one so imma post a couple

Album playlist

Random but, the 1975 were also featured on an old Travis Scott song. Might be the only song of his a like

Rainbow, has a couple classics. Ronnie James Dio is a legend


album playlist


This might be my fav classic rock song

album playlist


Full album playlist

Rainbow was mainly fire cuz of Dio (the singer).Dude is a legend and was the one who started that rock hand sign. If you like him check out his solo albums and when he was in Black Sabbath for a lil while.
Some of his live stuff for those who care

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That was actually one of the songs that came to mind for me

I never listened to a whole album of theirs tho
I never listened to any one of the albums posted in here yet

Edit: i actually listened the Lil Wytes Doubt Me Now album 20 years ago
I never listened to any one of the albums posted in here yet

Edit: i actually listened the Lil Wytes Doubt Me Now album 20 years ago
The One & Only album was tough it's been years tho I feel like I'ma cringe if I run it back today. The production tho 👍