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@Blue_London @Nope We won’t see him for another 3 years, but this Kendry Paez kid we signed a few months ago looks legit.

Boehly not letting Real and Barcelona have a monopoly of South America’s top top prodigies (Andrey Santos, Kendry Paez and maybe Victor Roque)
What I have seen from Santos he looks great the only issue is I think getting work permits will be hard in Brexit land
Well, DCL is not playing again this Monday. I really want to say to shut him down for the rest of the season, but we really can't afford that. Thanks to own owner and board.
Luis Campos was Osimhen BADLY! Napoli wants 100M at least. Luis wants to include Icardi (who's been good in Turkey) and Paredes, and possibly lower his price.

If Aurelio De Laurentiis is reading the reports, he has probably blocked any phone number coming from France smh.


💬 Quote of the day​

"We are aware of a points failure at Crystal Palace" - An accidentally snide service update from Southern Rail during Tuesday morning's rush hour.


🎶 It's getting scary now Duncan​

Duncan Ferguson was once feared as the Premier League's most terrifying hardman, a serial headbutter who became the first footballer jailed for an on-field offence.

But these days the Everton legend is a reformed man: now boss of vegan club Forest Green Rovers, he's more often spotted extolling the virtues of tofu fritters than nutting coppers.

And this week the Scotsman went full Blue Peter, filming himself at the wheel of his e-SUV, singing along to 70s girlband The Pointed Sisters.

One man who'd be choking on his haggis at Duncan Disorderly's new age transformation is Jim McLean, his one-time manager at Dundee United.

In the 90s, Jim ordered Big Dunc and two teammates to paint the Tannadice gymnasium as a punishment.

Seeing their chance for revenge, the group instead daubed "Wee Jim is a cunt" in enormous letters on the gym wall.


🎤 Swede and sour​

Back in the old days, pundits and managers approached each other with the snarling mistrust of neighbourhood cats scrapping for the right to shit in your flower beds.

These days it's all gone a bit One Show: Gary Neville high fiving Marcus Rashford and Micah Richards asking Sean Dyche where he's camping at Glastonbury.

So it was good to see Sweden boss Janne Andersson erupt like a striking French binman when pundits questioned his team selection after a 5-0 win over Azerbaijan this week.

"We can discuss the choice of players all fucking night... Andersson raged at pundit Bojan Djordjic, before telling him: "You stand here and talk crap".

It all turned deliciously ugly, as Djordjic branded the Swedish manager a "fucking ball boy" and Andersson yelled "oh for fuck's sake I can't deal with this nagging any more" and stormed off set.
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