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Haha the breakdown is interesting

City dominate in terms of teams Brazil in players but ligue 1 falls behind outside of the big 3
Ok, i hate/love lists but their breakdown is pretty interesting (while i disagree with a lot of ratings. Anecdotal). Now i'm looking at the 10 previous years, thanks Blue lol
@Water Ur Seeds do u guys really have Caicedo on 3.5K a week? Now I understand why he is doing everything he can to leave, lol.

I dunno what he gets paid but that would be mad lol saying that hes was only 18 or 19 when signed and was an unknown random player who hadnt even finished a whole season in the Ecuadorian league and Im pretty sure he was loaned straight out after signing... So his glow up as been this season...

Im gutted he wants to leave now and not in the summer, wish could just give him a pile of cash and say stay until summer....

edit: hes on £24,000 p/w atm, a very decent wage considering his age and experience...

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Teams looking at Brighton's players and staff...

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