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I been feeling this way for the longest. I wouldn't have described it as us being "smarter" than anyone everyone else, but it does feel like we're stuck between two groups of people that are unreasonable in different ways.

You're thinking of boomers and gen z. Gen X doesn't give enough of a fuck to care about any of the shit everybody is arguing about these days.
These people are miserable af all they do is drama and hate shit is all over the for you portion of my time line... straight up toxic

Every 3rd post is niggas hatin on caitlin clark stfu god damn
Caitlin doesn't need your black cape. She has enough white supremacists to do that. Smmfh

And you haven't set foot in the Angel Reese appreciation thread
I love how when you talk to New Yorkers, they throw out streets and neighborhoods in conversation like you’re supposed to understand the context of them bringing them up. When they know for a fact that you’re not even from NewYork.