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FEATURED The Joe Budden Podcast

Joe full of shit though lol

Now all of a sudden he trying to act like his opinion on shit doesn't matter

Don't get silent now nigga
All of these niggas the same but this what happens when you play into those dynamics so long.

Just a month or two ago when niggas started getting pub back. It was "if puff was doing so much wild shit wouldn't someone have come with proof by now? Yall stupid" then he played that bullshit album for 2 weeks adnauseum.

Got my man Joe looking like a fucking bozo. Welp.

Nigga don't know whether to keep it bean or risk the Maybach. Damn shame.

And this isn't gonna work everyother week. Need my niggas to tighten up going into the new year at jbp.
Nigga been having a few bad weeks. Has to cut the water off for a few eps. Stress some of you niggas out for dollars. 🤣

Shit like this is how mfs like Ian are still around.

lol them Twitter spaces niggas are wild invested.

I tuned in for like 5 minutes the other day and was like aite enough of this shit. I did laugh at them pressin Ian for trying to compare Jewish shit to Black shit
"I like freak offs too!!" - Joe