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Sean Kingston's Rental House Raided During Arrest For Fraud & Theft

Outside, Local 10 News spotted more than a dozen BSO deputies, next to a command center that investigators set up in the driveway of Kingston’s home.

In a civil complaint obtained from the Broward Clerk of Courts, a company by the name Ver Ver Entertainment alleges that Kingston, 34, partially paid for a 232-inch television and entertainment system but, following the installation, never paid for the product in full.

The complaint goes on to allege that Kingston used his name and celebrity status to scam people out of products and services — never paying for them.

Attorney Dennis Card, who represents Ver Ver Entertainment, spoke to Local 10 News on Thursday.

“He basically has a sales pitch that he goes through to defraud people. He induces them into giving him really expensive things,” Card said. “We know that our property is inside this house right here, so as soon as the raid takes place we are going to have a crew of people in there to reassemble it and take it back to its rightful owner.”

Kingston has not been seen on the property, though his relatives were there Thursday. They declined to speak with Local 10 News.
That’s a High Value Man television right there

I wonder if he “remember Beautiful Girls?” the apartment lease too.
This seems a bit much for some over priced rent a center shit
Raids over multimillion dollar fraud doesn't happen much down here.. So the sec the stations get a tip something like that is going down, news stations are all over it. And if someone is sorta famous, now they'll definitely be all over it. One of the station headquarters is literally a few miles from the raid. It probably took them all of 10 min of driving to get there too.

I remember when these car thieves got caught. News crews and helicopters were out there filming it too. It was so obvious they were stealing or scamming too. They were stealing Bentleys, Mercedes, Teslas and Rolls Royce's and storing them at their house, in a regular middle class neighborhood. Like people wouldn't notice and start talking about all those expensive car suddenly popping up.