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Poll Pizza: Pick 2

Pizza: Pick 2

  • N.Y Style

  • Detroit Style

  • Chicago Style

  • St. Louis Style

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We dont eat No goddamn deep dish in the Chi ( US , BLACK PEOPLE )

How many time we gotta keep saying this shit

If it ain't thin Crust Fuck out our Face



Where that old thread @ we was fucking ya'll Niggas Up

Screenshot 2024-05-25 2.01.37 PM.png
I'm a big fan of thin crust, but I didn't know it was a St. Louis style. I also like a lot of toppings so I picked Detroit style. I don't get a real opinion in Cali though; Everyone here swears they know the best pizza spot similar to these cities, but I'm never impressed. I need to visit these places just for the pizza.
crazy shit it, I actually like Chicago deep dish, esp[ecially when it's like a meat-lover's type joint.

But for me it's Detroit #1, Chicago #2, and the rest of them shits don't really matter.
I fucks with all 4 of those. NY wins in my book but it doesn't have to be an either / or. There's a lot of days in the year.
LOL, WHAT?!?!?!?!

Click to read on Toronto Style Pizza 🤌🏿

Next time you're here, visit King Slice on Queen Street West. Slap some garlic oil on it. I bet your life will change right then and there lol

Bruh... what you are describing is called pizza with oil on the crust. That isn't a "style" it's a crutch.

Sometimes when I feeling fat I'll dunk my crust in ranch dressing. Does that make the pizza "midwest style"?