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Sounds like it will be a result of some of the shenanigans from the Dr. Strange movie. I like that they are still coming up with inventive ways to cross over.


But given what Marvel Comics and Sony Marvel films currently does as well as the X-Universe's antics, it can be even have somehow to do with the Deadpoolverse in comic books, the Spiderverse in both comics and animated film, X-Universe Deadpool trying to cross over the MCU, Dark Phoenix or even the Darkest Winter who currently screwed over the DC Rebirth universe, lately.
Obligatory fuck Sony Pictures post just to start things off but i'm looking forward to this since Marvel currently has control of the movie for the most part
Gonna be an interesting movie. I think Sony may have some more creative control in this film but maybe not, they did a lot of multiverse foreshadowing in the Far From Home film.

Its seeming that Sony will be able to use Hollands spiderman in their side films like Venom, Morbius, and the Kraven film. No word on if Marvel can include those characters in their films though. Im hoping they can that way they can get Norman Osborne involved and do a Dark Avengers storyline.
Man I got a feeling Morbius is gonna be wack. Blade is gonna be amazing tho.

Most likely Disney is producing this & it's gonna be incredible.
Don't know how Blade can be incredible when it's not going to be Rated R. Same with Deadpool with Disney. I'm still salty about Netflix Marvel being gone as well smh