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have you ever worked at a job with your s/o?

Yeah. Pretty positive. But we both had friends and hobbies apart from each other and shit. You really be needing to get away from each other when you’re around each other at work all day and then get home and are around each other at home too.
Yeah I dated my bosses bosses secretary

Shit was dope for several reasons but looking back at it, it was pretty risky
this lady i know worked a job her man got her......... she said that the other women knowing who her man was would try her by saying unecessary shit to see if they could get a reaction out her..... she said it caused problems at home.... she decided to quit to find a job elsewhere.
It was the worst relationship experience of my life.

I was 22 and still immature as hell, she was an emotional terrorist and everyone was in our fucking business.

Still think about breaking her back tho. Tried to hit her on fb a couple times but no dice. Wonder who saved her. 🤔😅
Wife and I were both loan officers working from home for a while. It was cool. Relying on closings to get the bills paid was stressful to the point where I ended up back out of the house in IT just to stabilize our income but otherwise it was good.
My lady works a block away from me in the Upper East Side. She's an Accountant and stays visiting me at work. She talked about applying at the Company I work for but lord have mercy I pray & hope 2 God that don't happen.