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Coming Soon Eminem - The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce, Summer 2024)

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Sounds like another "Without Me" or "Just Lose It" type first single

Probably gonna shoot at some of the new age pop stars (and benzino)

seem like he bout to try that outlandish slim shady shit today and get "cancelled" on purpose

😬 at that beat at the end tho.. I hope that aint it lol
Sounds like something you would hear on the Sega Genesis. But knowing him, that’s 100% a snippet of the beat and will be on par with Just Lose It and those beats on Encore.
Didn't David Blaine just get outed for takin ass?

And that 2 second snippet is the fastest it ever took me to send an album into recycling bin hell.

EDIT: It was Copperfield. Snippet is still gahbije tho.
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Dope video, but the highlight of that song was him hitting an 8 year old with a participation trophy. He gave us those 1st 3 albums... I'm good.

I blame all the old heads for putting this
trash ass cracker on a pedestal. Saying that he’s the best of the best and can’t nobody fuck with him in a rap battle, or saying he’s one the best lyricist of all time. Seriously if this was anybody else, we would have been clowning them. This shit is straight ass juice.
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