Breaking News DOJ investigating Trump for violating the Espionage Act. Update: Grand Jury Votes to Criminally Indict Trump on a Whopping 34 COUNTS in NY


Pope Did!
Jun 25, 2019

Aside from tryna incite people to riot for him, what he’s saying is Facts. And anyone who cares about justice reform of the legitimacy of the court system shouldn’t be cool wit this.

Cause it sets a precedent to be able to do this with anyone at any time if they feel like they can’t get you on something. They will just attack you from a enough angles till they get you on something.

Stretch you so thin that eventually one of your defenses will break. They’ll arrest you, make you perp walk, trial you in the court of public opinion and manipulate the media and people to believe that you deserve to be in jail so that they can put you in jail without actually proving that you belong in jail.

They’ve done this to a lot of people man, a lot of people that a lot of people on this board will be like free such and such, maybe your own family. But now, they’re doing this to a former president. Regardless of how you feel about trump. If they set the precedent that they can do this to a former president.

They won’t be anything that stops them from doing this to anyone, if they deem you a threat.

I mean you can call it Karma but you’d be blind to see that it’s about more than trump.
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Just Awaken Shaken
Dec 20, 2017
Will believe it when I see it.

Yep. None of that shit gone happen.

Most that might happen is....he will settle outta court n pay a fine.

But tbh trump WISHES they were stupid enuff to handcuff, finger print n perp walk him. He would sell da shit to his ppl like a mf...."deep state n the biden crime family to control of the doj n they coming after me!!"


Dec 23, 2017
that boy gettin indicted

& this ain't civil court, he can't settle

he can plead guilty or not

but we'll see his mugshot soon enough

now as far as gettin convicted, that's a bigger hurdle

still, what a time to see the 1st former president get arrested