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OUT NOW Diddy - The Love Album: Off The Grid

I skimmed a few tracks so cant really give an real opinion but the few tracks I checked all sounded the same... Trash...

They felt like Puff was trying to do a bootleg Kanye impression, even down to the album artwork...
This def picks up after track 5. The women really carry the features all the way. The last half got the really deep R&B joints
Not a fan of auto tune vocals on every fucking track

I get what he was trying to do though decent to good album
Niggaz is definitely prisoners of moment. But it's a cool little album. Not the greatest or the worst shit in the world.... just okay. I fucks with it though
It's a good album. Diddy still has a good ear for music and production. You can hear the difference in quality on this album vs even hearing these same artists on other projects