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Dark Side of the Ring

I watched the Von Eric's episode earlier for the first time, I didn't know all but one brother committed suicide
And they didn't go as hard on her like they could've. I thought they were gonna talk about all the arrests, porn she put out after Chris' death

They showed restraint imo

I can understand why they did that. Sunny easily could have had a whole episode just on her. Chris deserved his shine tho & I’m glad that it felt like more about him than her in a way cuz he was an underrated talent.

This past episode with the Grahams was ok but not as good as the first two to me. Crazy how much suicide has been apart of that family scary similarity between them and the Von Erchs.
Yeah I didn't know he was a live wire....dude was a ticking time bomb and it sucks he held a grudge against hacksaw jim duggan all those years because he kicked someone's eyeball out