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Brett Favre eating welfare money

Imagine that super mayor chick from Illinois that all the Whites are mass-producing documentaries about diverted a couple mil from social services to pay Keith Sweat for a show that he never did as part of a broader scheme to defraud the fed of 70 million.

We’d see naked black babies with white shit in the corner of they mouth on Fox and niggas on Shaderoom talm bout IT BEEEZ YO OWNNNN..While Ann Coulter talm bout DEI and accusing her of being a migrant or some shit.

Fuckin shitshow
I'm was looking for this thread the other day when ESPN rolled out they special

But yall know what it is.....

Jody Owens
This is some nasty, nasty work
I guess we have to wait until everything is unsealed, but it ain’t adding up in my head.
On Wednesday, the feds carried out searches of the office where he works as the Hinds County district attorney and a nearby Jackson cigar business he owns.