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any parents on ABW have????

Yea. I’m concerned and I have been extremely sneaky about spying on him and his two best friends their devices. Their dads is also snooping just in case they are just hiding at their house watching things.

He’s been showing a lot of interest in girls. Especially this one girl that goes to his school. So him watching porn a few mo the back on top of him showing so much interest. He is going to middle school next year so that timeline tracks but still.

Hes very respectful to the young girls and he’s on the honor roll every quarter.

So it’s just about talking to him consistently about it but I feel it’s working.

From school to sports to chores he does such a great job it’s a weird line to walk because I don’t really wanna make him fell all different about what he’s feeling because it’s so natural. But the talking is working. He’s very open with me about what who he likes and what he likes.
Having consistent conversations with him is the best thing. I didn't make sex seem like it was something dirty that you gotta be all secretive about, but it does come with a lot responsibility and consequences. As long as you make him feel comfortable, he'll come to you when he thinks he's ready.
If you think that’s gon stop a teenager… I got something to tell you buddy lol

Because I definitely defiled my parents living room when nobody else was home

It should stop an 11 year old. But maybe not. I don't know everything 🤷🏿‍♂️
It should stop an 11 year old. But maybe not. I don't know everything 🤷🏿‍♂️

“When theres a will, there’s a way” especially for this one lololol.


But naw. The talks has been working. He getting a better understanding of the feelings he’s having.
Nah. My coworkers, yes. He be tellin' me all his business even though I don't ask.

I just point em to tha facts that this was all planned.