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Lol nah I didn’t give up on this I just missed the last two eps and never took the time out to catch up

I just watched them now

These two Eps are very good

Thank god for Anakin and Hayden Christensen is a folk hero at this point now lol

Still don’t fuck with Rosario but I’m entertained. Hope they stick the landing
Yea cause he did a great job with Season 3 of The Mandalorian
Season 3 had filoni's stank all over it. It featured bo katan heavily then there's that Lizzo episode which was a cheesey live action clone wars EP and it wouldn't surprise me if that moff Gideon clone shit was his idea also. Little by little filoni shoehorned himself into all those shows. First it started with a loth cat then bo katana shows up, next aheikas guest appearance then there's miuse catcher droids and cad bane in bobf, inqhisitors ij obi wan so on etc. This is what filoni did to star wars:
That really hurt. Moving right along the @19:00 mark sums up my feelings about the current state of star wars perfectly.
I wonder what's in all those pods they are transporting.

smh on this episode of Sabine fucks up... lol after the hug and all that, how she got there shoulda been the first damn thing she mentions to Ezra.. "lets not talk about it.. not right not" lol foh.

Two episodes left!
Thrawn in the muthafuckin building. Nightsisters looked great. Sabine knows she fucked up trusting Baylan. I still have no idea what his motivation is or what he's sensing on that planet. I bet Ezra can sense that something is wrong and that Sabine is hiding the truth
Shin has never fucked with anything that's been going on, I feel lol. She doesn't like Morgan, she doesnt like the Great Mothers. Thrawn doesn't give a shit whether her and Baylan ended up stranded or die.



Not sure why them stormtroopers are all dirty lol