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ABW Battlerap Revisits Series: Vol 1. Loaded lux vs Calicoe

Mfers were arguing Lux choking was intentional up until the Geechi battle.

This battle is what made choking acceptable. If you choked, you lost, until Lux. Then it became "you choked, oh nah that only costs you a round"

I don't remember that rule during the Smack DVD era, I only remember it being applied during Fight Klub
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Ppl forget that this was pre ppv days

The post battle commentary is still the wildest battle rap shit ever

Math called the nigga Lux an autistic savant in an interview right after the battle
Had Calicoe winning when it first dropped because Lux choked.

Nothing has changed on re-watch. Lux material is better, but not by a large margin. But I'm not awarding him the dub. Because he choked.
How can choking in 1 rd of a 3 round battle mean you lost?

It’s best 2 out of 3

This ain’t 60 second fight Klub rds

This is URL

And like I said Cal choked too in his 3rd and it’s edited out on youtube

By y’all imaginary rules,they both automatically lost then

So Lux lost better

That choking rule only applied to that particular round,not the whole battle.

Niggas used to battle like 9 rounds with no structure
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If you choke once you lose the whole battle? That's crazy.

Maybe in the old school era where niggas would spit 20 rds of mixtape bars until somebody runs out, but in the modern era? nah.
Right before the modern era 2007 ish to 2011. Shit hit its apex around this battle and when Calicoe bodied Math. Guys would stumble and immediately 6-8 motherfuckers throwing up choke signs yelling and booing. Then it drops on World star and youtube and comments and forums discuss who lost.

It wasn't an official rule because Smack needed footage and nobody wanted to stop a battle without all 3 rounds sometimes the opponent would encourage the choke artist to keep going. Like Miles vs Rich dollaz,
If Lux ended his 3rd with “ayo Black Face….yessir….that’s the way you talk to your son” Elzo would’ve been like “hE sToLe FrOm VeRb”