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Damn near 3 grand a month on groceries? Y’all have a spending problem.

I have 3 kids and we are no where near that much.

Yall doing everything wrong lmao
This restaurant I deal with gave me a 8 pack of 12 inch sub buns the other day so I said fuck it I'ma go to the store to make my own sandwiches.

End up dropping at least $130 on just sandwich related items. Best subs we ever ate though. And if u think about it comes out to $16/sandwich.

Yea I know damn well I got a problem.
Thank you!

He missed some key steps and immediately lost the irony of his role in all of it.

Just some surface level thinking. He essentially said "When did mine and the few other networks and hosts opinions and framing of what's going on not suffice?"

What an AWESOME day!

Mommy had a birthday. Hooked her up.
Did great at my lesson presentation.
Learned some duties at my new responsibilities.
BIRDGANG IS 9-1…took out the “champs” in KC…fuck the Swifties.
Celtics lost.

And while at the bar, cheering like a maniac….this happened:

Won at Trivia Night! $25 bar tab!

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Damn you still down bad?

One of these white people gonna get you out that garage. I'm rooting for you kid.

You should see if that white girl has an onlyfans and diversify.

Look at you PROJECTING

Your infatuation with sour cream is pathetic. Its disgusting

Didn't i tell you the only way you'll ever fix your poor mental health is to get white people off your heart and soul?