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2023/2024 College Basketball/Prospects Thread

I have no idea what to expect from Texas in the tournament...I actually love how the bracket ended up for us, despite getting a good Colgate team in the first round

Highest seed since 2008 which is also the last time we had a real run making it to the elite 8 before losing Memphis(D. Rose and CDR)

I think we have the defense to play with anybody but I still think we have a very suspect offense especially in crunch time and Rodney Terry going to be tested too

Greart opportunity for us to take advantage of a favorable region if we can handle our business
Another year where I don't have to worry about Cincinnati making it out of the first round. Now I have to worry about getting out of the first round of the NIT. We are moving in the right direction, but next season going into the Big 12, its going to be a lot more hard games.