There’s a Cure To Heal All Diseases But The Gov Will Never Tell U

This is the first part of a four part series, but there’s a chance this may go up to a part 10 because there’s so much to talk about on the subject. Almost every disease, cancer or any other ailment including obesity is caused by a poor diet. The problem here in the states is that the american diet is so terrible that the majority of the things that we consume are not natural and they also suggest to you healthy foods that are actually not healthy. Many american doctors suggest that foods like meat, beans, milk, eggs are good for you because they carry a lot of amino acids. However, you do not need acids in your diet to survive. Another thing we as Americans consume a lot of and it’s hard to get away from is… sugar. Sugar is one of the worst things you can put into the human body and we consume at an alarming rate daily. The thing about sugar is, when we take it there’s a spike in our adrenaline, which you sometimes hear called a “sugar rush”, there’s an instant gratification from eating it. However, among many other things, sugar attacks your nervous system. When the sugar levels in your blood goes from high to low,  the hormone’s adrenaline and cortisol are released, which cause you to be nervous, anxious and panic.


Not only are we as humans consuming unnatural foods, the food we’re eating are also eating unnatural food. Cows naturally eat grass, however most of the cows we eat from these mass production farms are fed corn. They’re fed corn for multiple reasons, but the main reason is because the cows grow nearly 50% bigger when fed corn, which means more meat to sell, which means more money. However, from eating food cows don’t naturally eat, the cows a lot of the time become sick, which brings along e-coli, salmonella, etc, so they spray down all the meat with ammonia before it’s shipped from the farm. So not are we getting sick from the food we’re eating, the food we’re eating are also sick.


Now I know you’re wondering what exactly does this have to do with curing the body. It has everything to do with curing the body. Both the food industry and the medicine industry are ran by a handful of people. It’s in all of their interest for everything to remain the way it is. It’s in the food industry’s best interest that the doctors don’t tell their patients about the food they need to stay away from and it’s in their best interest not to tell their patients about the medicine they should be taking, which are all natural herbs and oils you can all grow yourselves, not the prescription pills they’re prescribing to you. It’s in the medicine industry’s best interest that the food industry continues to feed the public poison so that they have to keep returning to the hospital and the cycle continues.


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