The Best Hip Hop Forums / Message Boards Online In 2019

The Best Hip Hop Forums / Message Boards Online In



Looking for the best hip hop forums online? You’re in the right place. With the creation of Twitter and Instagram, some would say forums are becoming obsolete and I would have to disagree. It’s more about what you’re in the mood for at that time than forums no longer being necessary. I’m sure when fast food restaurants with a drive thru first came out, many thought diners were obsolete. With platforms like Twitter and Instagram it’s less about conversation and more of a popularity contest. It’s less deep discussion and creating relationships and more about getting likes and followers. With forums, there’s still the elements of receiving “likes” and “popularity” , but it’s in a much more intimate setting. Think of it like a Facebook group, but with it’s on sections for specific topics. This creates the opportunity for the members to better relationships, which creates better debates and funnier moments.







ablackweb best hip hop forums

Member Count: 1.2k

Classic Thread: Name Your Top 5 Most Attractive Members




Ablackweb is one of the newest hip hop forums in the game, but has made an impact nearly instantly. The website owner (Goldie) was formerly a member, writer and journalist at AllHipHop, which at one point was the undisputed #1 hip hop forum on the internet. In 2017 the owners of AllHipHop (Greg Watkins; Chuck Creekmur) partnered with TheMaven and switched their entire platform to fit with The Maven. The revamp was considered complete trash by most of it’s members, but by then the deal was already made. Many of the members migrated to Ablackweb which was only 6 months old at the time and now ABW has become the best destination to discuss hip hop and black culture.

Ablackweb encompasses many of the qualities the old AllHipHop had, but has also implemented many of the features the other sites on this list has and of course created it’s own lane. What separates Ablackweb from many of the other sites is the balance of mature discussion and foolery. While starting roast sessions and having Photoshop battles are always fun and entertaining, it’s always great to be able to have mature discussions and debates. Ablackweb has been able to find the perfect balance between the two.

Another edge that Ablackweb has over many of the other hip hop forums is, the female presence on the site. Most hip hop sites have only a couple females around, Ablackweb has a significant female presence to the point many thought it was a dating site for a minute. There’s sections on the site for black business, fitness and more. With all of that included, at the end of the day, Ablackweb is still a hip hop website. ABW is an amazing source for providing up to date hip hop news , rumors and music, which makes it one of the best hip hop forums online.




The Coli


the coli best hip hop forums

Member Count: (Approx) 100k

Classic Thread: Tekashi Finally Touches Down In LA



The Coli actually has a very similar story as Ablackweb. The 2 founders and creators of The Coli were formerly members SOHH who was one of if not the biggest Hip-Hop forum nearly a decade ago. One of the creators named Brooklynz Son went on to ForbezDVD and explained how The Coli came to be. According to him the owners of SOHH weren’t properly managing the site which resulted in a fall off, which inspired Brooklynz Son and his partner to create their own platform. The Coli is actually short for The Coliseum which was the sports sub forum on SOHH.

The Coli (w/ Boxden) was one of the first forums to really start taking the meme and smilie game to the next level. They’re known as being the platform that popularized the infamous Jordan crying meme. The Photoshop movement, plus the roast sessions, exposures and more are all things that separate The Coli from other hip hop forums like Reddit. You can still find the latest in hip hop news and music there, but also have a more entertaining experience with the people there.

Now if you’re looking for a hip hop site that’s black owned, there were rumors that the other owner of The Coli is indeed a white man. I don’t know this for sure, but the allegations are out there that they’re disguised as a black owned business but really half owned by a white man. I’m sure that doesn’t matter to some, but for those who are looking to support black, this may be an issue for you. If not, then I’m sure you’d agree it’s one of the best hip hop forums on the web.





KanyeToThe best hip hop forums


Member Count: Unlisted

Classic Thread: KimYe Discussion


KTT started off as a simple Kanye West fan site and then warps into one of the biggest message boards online. The haven’t publicly displayed their registered member count yet. However, based on their daily activity and years in the game, I’d guess they have around half a million members.


With the forum being as big as it is, they do a great job with providing news as quick as large websites like Twitter. Even notable rappers and singers frequent the message board, even the one and only Lupe Fiasco.



lupe kanyetothe



While the forum is still a Kanye West fan site, there’s sections for stans of other artists. These sections include sub forums for Kendrick Lamar, Drake and more. The only downside to KTT is if you’re not a Kanye West fan, there’s a possibility you’d grow tired of the site very quickly. With that said, it’s still one of the best hip hop forums online.







hiphopheads best hip hop forums


Member Count: 897k


Classic Thread: Kanye Took All of My Clothes



With Reddit being one of the biggest social platforms online there’s no surprise that their Hip Hop sub forums is one of the best hip hop forums online. The most well known Hip Hop message board on Reddit is none other than Hip Hop Heads (HHH). Due to it’s size and popularity, HHH is arguably the quickest with receiving news and music.

While social platforms like Twitter and Reddit provide the news quicker than most, the bond between it’s members are less likely to develop. Most people on Twitter only care about getting likes and becoming popular than actually having real conversations with each other. Some will say “I don’t care about getting to know anybody, I’m just here for the music”. If that were truly the case you’d just go to Tidal or any other streaming service and get your music. The debates, the roasts, the friendships created are all necessary components that makes a forum great. So while I do feel HHH is one of the best forums online as far as receiving up to date news and music, it pales in comparison to the other forums on the list in regards to entertainment and enjoyment.







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