3 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Learning To Appreciate Your Partner’s Flaws In Relationships



Keeping a relationships fresh can become a job, here’s 3 tips to make things easier. We’ve all been with someone in a relationship where it became more than what we thought it would be when we started. Speaking from a male perspective , often times a lot of us start relations with a woman purely off of a sexual attraction. All of a sudden through a series of events we didn’t expect, we end up in love or in infatuation with her. So here we are in our feelings over a woman and disregard any negatives and all we see are the positives that have us in our feelings over her.

But as with most things in life, the longer you are around something the more normal it becomes and the more used to it we become. The good things that once were all we saw, no longer are enough to mask the bad things we once ignored. This is where most of us honestly, fu*k up. We get it in our head that if she could just do this, if she did less of this, if she did more of that. She’d be the perfect woman for me. If you have a good woman on your hands that’s truly in love with you. Most likely she’ll do what most women in her situation would, and make slight changes in her attributes to appease you.

Be it she’s too argumentative and serious, so now she selectively bites her tongue more. Be it she’s bad and frivolous with money so she’s always in a financial jam that she needs your help to get out of. Now she’s trying her best to be frugal and focus on how she spends her money. Be it she dresses too provocative in your opinion, or not provocative enough maybe. Now she’s dressing with how you feel in mind.

Here’s where you have to understand that whatever the thing is that is a bugaboo for you. Is the yang to yin, that makes you wild for her.

Take it she’s bad with money because she struggles with foresight. That’s a part of the spontaneity that you love about her.

Take it she’s argumentative and finds small things to combat you on. That’s a part of the passion that you love about her.

Take it she dresses provocative and doesn’t seem to understand there’s a time and place. That’s apart of the sexuality that you love about her.


Just three examples, but the point is. Understand, you alter yang, the yin changes too. So here we are, she changes and the things about her that bothered you have lessened. The longer your relationship goes, here’s the point where you think. “My girl has changed” She’s not who she was when we first met, she doesn’t do the things that drove me wild with passion for her anymore.

Here’s the part where you now should realize, and consider. What makes her a pain in your ass at times, is inherently tied to what makes you love her a$$. Here’s where you learn, love her flaws, because without her flaws, her positives don’t exist.

Without those positives, your love for her doesn’t exist. Yin and Yang.


Author – Germs


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