Lupe Fiasco Bites Nas With New Chicken Song

Lupe Fiasco Bites Nas With His New Chicken Song



A couple weeks ago Lupe Fiasco made multiple rants online. These rants were aimed at Kendrick Lamar, claiming he was stealing from Lupe. This was sparked after the Artwork for the Black Panther Soundtrack was released online. While the Lupe album cover does have a black cover, I don’t believe anyone is surprised that the Black Panther Soundtrack has a black cover. Lupe also claimed that Kendrick Lamar stole his idea of making an album that can be played backwards. Which is ridiculous because there’s multiple Hip-Hop albums that can also be played backwards.


Now we’re a couple of weeks removed from Lupe’s rants and Lupe releases a new single. The single is an ode to Chicago’s Harold “Huggy Bear” Perkins. Perkins is the creator of the legendary Harold’s Chicken Shack. Of course there’s nothing wrong with paying respect to a hometown legend. However, when you make claims that the biggest rapper is biting your style, you can’t make a song very similar to a song made by arguably the greatest rapper alive.


On Nas’ 8th studio album Untitled, Nas has a song titled Fried Chicken. The song which features the legend Busta Rhymes, sounds very similar to the song Lupe just released. Now while I doubt Lupe intentionally attempted to bite Nas, you can see how easily the biting claims can be used on him.



Check Out Lupe’s Song Below:






Now Check Out Nas’




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