Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn’ Album Cover & Tracklist

Today Kendrick Lamar released the album cover and tracklist for his upcoming album entitled DAMN. I wasn’t and still not a big fan of the single ‘Humble’ and not for the reason the birds online have been crying about, it’s just not appeasing to me sonically. I’m sure I’ve been spoiled, but when I think of Kendrick Lamar singles I think of timeless instantly classic shit, ie ‘Dont Kill My Vibe’ , ‘Alright’ , ‘These Walls’ etc. I’m not getting that same feel from ‘Humble’. Not only that, I look at the tracklist and it’s two features are Rihanna and U2. Now I love Rihanna, but I’m sorry, I’m not trying to hear her ass on a Kendrick Lamar album, atleast not now and U2 can get the fuck outta here. With all of that said tho, I’m still plan on copping the album first day.



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