How To Lose 50lbs In 3 Months (Update)

I know what you’re thinking , this is probably some scam or a way to advertise a fake fat losing pill that doesn’t work, but that’s not the case at all. This is a system that I’ve used personally and was able to lose over 50 lbs by doing , within the span of 3 months. Now with that said I was also exercising alot, however by following this system and doing no exercising at all , I still guarantee that you will lose atleast 25 pounds within 3 months, tho I recommend you atleast do some type of cardio to speed up the fat loss process.



The system I’m speaking of is called Counting Macros.




Which is basically figuring out how much energy(calories) your body needs to take in everyday in order to do the daily activities your body does throughout the day. Once you find this out, you will then subtract a small amount of energy(calories) from your diet, which is called a caloric deficit and that will begin your fat lose process.

Now in another blog I will explain the science behind this in more detail, but for now I just want to explain this is the most simplistic way possible.

In the link below is a macros calculator to help you find out what your macros are. Macros specially are the daily target amounts of Carb grams, Fat grams and Proteins grams that you don’t want to exceed.

Pictures of the calculator and how it works:


Now in the example above you can see the daily limit on the amount of macros this person should take in. Just by following this system, this person would lose atleast 25lbs. Now in later blogs I will be giving you alternatives to eat the foods you love, but in a much healthier way with your macros in mind. But for now, I just want you to figure out what your macros are and to start paying attention to the nutritional facts on the food you eat. Once you begin to, it becomes a habit, to the point where you’ll be able to eye food and know exactly the amount of macros that is in it.

I hope this blog was informative and helpful. I was blessed enough to come across this system and I felt it was only right to pass along this knowledge to others who are trying to achieve the same goal.

Until next time, stay blessed and count macros!

Link To Calculator: Macro Calculator

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