How Long Will The Grammys Only Celebrate Non-Black Artists Who Make Black Music?

As we all know the Grammys was last night and the big winner was Bruno Mars. Now many times Bruno Mars has acknowledged and shown a lot of respect to the artists who has influenced his style and sound, but some would have to say he had no choice to do so because he’s toeing the line between being influenced and straight up biting. With that said, that’s a different discussion. The topic for today is, how long will the Grammy board only award non-black artists who make black music. For the longest the Grammy board , really, most of white America will praise and love black music when it’s made by non-black artists and dismiss black music when made by black people. Last year they finally announced Hip-Hop is the number one music genre in America, but anyone with any type of knowledge knows Hip-Hop has been the #1 genre in America for at least the last 20 years, maybe even 30 years. The trick they’ve been using is, when a non-black artist would make black music, billboard and the rest would just put it under “pop” music. So all those Hip-Hop songs by non-blacks were credited as “pop” and all the sales and achievements that came with those songs fell under Pop Music. However, that bullsh%t could only last for so long. So Hip-Hop has been the #1 genre for decades and is the most impactful genre of alltime, however, only 2 times has a Hip-Hop album been awarded Album of the Year. The most influential genre of alltime for the last few decades has only won the award TWICE.


Now I’m not trying to downplay Bruno Mars, but facts are facts. Kendrick sold more and had bigger records and a better album, there’s no reason 24k should have won, other than the fact that they refuse to award a HipHop album with Album of the Year. They would rather give a non-black who makes black music that award. Same with Sam Smith who makes gospel music with a white choir or Adele, it’s been happening since Elvis. Some people might say “well hey, Kendrick got 5 awards”, somebody had to win the rap categories right? That’s not saying much. We as black people have to stop being comfortable with getting crumbs. My opinion has always been we need to create our own award show and support it and also hold it in the same regard as we do the grammys. With that said, even if we had our own show that we held in that regard, we should still be holding the Grammys accountable as well. This charade has to stop.

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