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Ablackweb is indeed a hip hop website ,however it’s more than just that. While we do provide our visitors with the latest news in hip hop and black culture, whether it be album release dates, rumors, breaking news and more, there’s a lot more we offer. In our forum section, there’s thousands of members who converse on a daily basis. Some of our members network for business, others end up dating and others are there just for the laughs and roasts.


The black web staff are all familiar with other hip hop websites and hip hop forums. So we took all of the best attributes from the other sites and added our own twist to it. We’ve basically tried to make this a one stop destination. We provide everything from a place to find the best hot spots for black people in your area to a business section teaching people how to do stocks. We also have a section specifically for the ladies to have discussions and a relationship section for both sexes to share mature discussion. For the fellas, of course we have a sports section, where you can gamble on games with online money. For the fellas looking for exclusive pics and videos of Instagram models that you can’t find on Instagram, we have those as well.


All in all, aBlackWeb is still a hip hop website at the end of the day. If you’re looking for new music, we stay up to date with the latest. If you’re looking for interviews, we have those, we actually have an interview with Hollow Da Don scheduled for this week. While aBlackWeb is only a year old, we’re striving to become not only the biggest black owned hip hop website online, but the best hip hop website online period.



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