Future VS Rocko Beef

Incase you’ve missed it, rappers Future and Rocko have been going at it online for the past day or so. The “beef” all stems from Rocko suing his one time homie for money he feels Future owes him.  Years after signing to Rocko’s A1 record label , Future signed a joint venture deal with epic that would allow his own indie record label “Freebandz Ent” to get the same benefits as a major. Rocko obviously feeling some type of way about ended up taking Future to court and that’s where the “beef” started. Future voiced his opinion on the situation last year when it first happened saying that friends shouldn’t take other friends to court.


Now I understand both sides. I understand Rocko’s , business is business, but I also agree with Future, friends shouldn’t take friends to court. If Future was simply trying to get his own label off the ground by doing a joint venture with Epic, personally I don’t think Rocko should’ve felt any type of way about it, it’s similar to Drake creating OVO while still being signed under Young Money, you gotta let your brother create his own establishment instead of trying to keep him under yours.


Here’s the exchange:








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