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Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks
IDK about your area, but in mine I see naturally thick white women, its the asians that are Unicorns. I seen like one or 2 ever and when I did, I stared like I saw a giant squid in the ocean. And I cant even 100% confirm they were asian, for all i know it could of been an asian looking hispanic. I stand corrected on her age.
Those were probably asian looking Hispanics ,it's really not in Asian genetic makeup to be naturally built like a black women I'm talking hips thighs and ass


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Jan 5, 2020
ABW Bucks
Listen here, chicks like Nina Kayy, Julie Cash, and Jada Stevens, plus others like them all came up off of niggars. Funny thing is if you look hard enough Jada Steven Twitter out that she got fashion for doing anal and having sex with black men. Hell the Kardashians are the queens of making themselves look black and getting fashion and making money off of niggars, and what is so funny is you have black women hanging out with these women like is a privileged. Like dont you know she trying to look and act like you and actually making money doing it, and you sitting your ass up here happy to hang out with them. If anything you should be mad and offended that they trying to be like you and making money by doing so, but you cant do the same thing.
And the appropriation is only rising im glad someone else noticed as well these pornstars are more often then not are using black men in their videos idk if this is benefit or a detriment only time will tell ig