When White Privilege Goes Wrong

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Jan 8, 2018
ABW Bucks
This is a thread to celebrate when privileged white folks receive their comeuppance.

Please add on.
The problem is that that's not white privilege gone wrong. She's still alive, so white privilege worked just right.

lol @ "We're past that."

She really thought she was going to turn back the clock.


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Dec 21, 2017
ABW Bucks

Video of the fucking year. Homie should win officer of the year.

Lol at the quotables:
"Well this is not going to end well"
"Why didn't she just comply and put down the scissors?"
"She's not dropping the scissors"
"You're gonna have to shoot me nigger"
"If you come over here I will kill you"
"Ok kill me!"
"Drop the scissors!"
"Shots fired. White female on the ground. Still got scissors in her hand."

Lol at the Mary Lou Retton flip at the end. Lol at groans. Lol at the witnesses not giving a single solitary fuck. Lol at her last words being "ok, kill me".
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