What are you watching? The Official TV Show Thread

Dec 20, 2017
ABW Bucks
Watched Rehearsal on HBO. That shit is stupid as fuck, lol.

First episode they went through this elaborate as fuck simulation just for dude to admit to a friend he lied about having a Masters degree, lol. I could have coached him through that in 10 minutes for $20.

Then second episode ol’ girl want to know what it’s like to raise a child so they do this elaborate shit to have all of these different child actors simulate 18 years in 3 months. That was dumb as hell because speaking as a parent, there is no simulation for child raising. Plus the host is playing daddy. I’m pretty sure that goes against every experimental protocol known to man.

2nd ep bled over to 3rd where dude ghosted the host, lol.

I’m not watching another ep. Dude finessed HBO on a cool premise that he’s executing horribly.

Edit: Scrolled down on the app and it’s listed under Comedy. It is funny for all of the wrong reasons, lol. Placing it here is how HBO is trying to justify it’s idiocy.

Or am I off? Is this whole thing scripted and supposed to be parody? If so they’re doing a wonderful job, lol.
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