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Bender Rodriguez

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Dec 19, 2017
New New York
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lmaooooooo “my feelings are hurt because they said I probably won because I was lightskin” - says the light skin woman that probably won because she was light skin

the police were already on to them even before the song got drop . When the song got big it def put light onthem
I mean, he still snitching on himself but ok

Lab Baby

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Dec 23, 2017
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As per Shmurda's songs going gold and plat in days, remember he's been gone 6 years. A whole new generation of artists done came up, and most of the cats in his class are either popped or reached some other status (Fetty Wap, Uzi, OT Genasis, etc). The 13-17 year olds that are listening to music now were sucking their thumbs and playing Power Rangers when he was out... those are the ones playing his music to learn about who he is.
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Nothins the same & damn I just want my friend back
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Jan 18, 2017
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i have no interest in this dude if im keeping it a buck

i looked and wondered why this thread was 12 pages.

I clicked and was not disappointed.

Every now and then that nigga @Gene Parmesan will have a day where this nigga just cant miss with the jokes. He pulling up from the parking lot and that shit going in. This thread was one of those days. This nigga was on FIRE in here LMAO. He is a walking bucket.

Well done sir...well fucking done.
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