Ur worst enemy vs Animal/person of ur choice


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Jan 31, 2020
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If u could without legal or moral consequence put your worst enemy or most hated person into an inescapable pit with any animal or person (think some bad ass fighter or something, not your lame ass self) which animal or person would you choose?

Would it be a tiger or bear, providing a mercifully swift death...

A pack of African wild dogs to excruciatingly eat them alive piece by piece?

Or maybe a prime Mike Tyson on bathsalts?

*Choose your character and detail the kill like Method Man on some torture shit*

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I'll fuckin', I'll fuckin put the offspring of one hundred different Canada Geese in the pit and unleash them on a mf. Let their crazed parental instincts take over. That nigga would get pecked to death. And since those niggas be shitting everywhere his ass would get shitted on too. I'd reign them in and let all the goose shite bacteria infect the peck wounds then unleash them again and again like a wave of winged torment. And to pour salt in the wound after the kill, they'd migrate south to chill in the summer breeze like nothing even happened. Adios bitch.


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Dec 19, 2017
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Shark tank with a locked lid. You gonna get bit up and possibly eaten alive but most likely just bleed out or drown in pieces.

Good morning.
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