The United States Capitol is under siege by Trump Supporters


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A Utah man accused of assaulting police officers during the Capitol riots invited several of his MAGA friends to his Thursday court appearance—then wreaked havoc during the hearing, repeatedly screaming at the judge and court officials.

“You people fucked this up,” Landon Kenneth Copeland ranted during the Zoom hearing on Thursday. “You’re going to give me a psych eval. I don’t like 70 percent of my income going to the government. Fuck all of you!”

Copeland, a 33-year-old who on Thursday described himself as a veteran who “got shot in Iraq,” faces several charges, including assaulting officers and disorderly contact, for allegedly attacking several law-enforcement officers during the Jan. 6 siege. Prosecutors allege that during a scuffle, Copeland grabbed a riot shield, shoved a fellow insurrectionist into a police line, and threw “a metal bike rack fence barricade” at officers.

The chaos began even before Copeland’s hearing, as he shouted while other accused rioters made their appearances before the judge, forcing court officials to put him on mute. At one point he tried to object to another defense lawyer claiming his client had “Foxitus” after watching six months of Fox News during the pandemic. 😂

“I don’t like you people... you’re a robot to me... you can’t come get me if I don’t want you to... Fuck all of you... Fuck all of you,” he shouted during his tirade, at which point a judge put him in a separate Zoom room so that he could no longer interrupt the proceeding. “I wanna talk in open court you motherfuckers!”

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