The United States Capitol is under siege by Trump Supporters


The Game Is The Game
Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks
So basically what this plea deal means is this,

This Prosecutors for the Government are putting in this plea deal that the building that this man Jon Schaffer was in was a restricted building.

Why is this important? Well that's because Jon Schaffer is not challenging the Governments assertion that the building was restricted. So that basically means that going forward when the Government prosecutes all of the others who they charged with being in that building that day they will all have the same exact charges of Obstruction that ill stick.

So basically the next Jon Schaffer who gets charged can't get off easy. By Jon Schaffer accepting this plead deal con cooperating with the Government he is effectively saving his own ass and avoiding jail time by flipping and all who come after him will not be able to get off.

To simplify it even more,

Jon Schaffer just became the first Capital Rioter to effectively flip.

His plea deal will make it pretty much impossible for all of those who come after him to get off. They will have to flip and flip on a higher target to get off like Jon Schaffer did.