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Lou Cypher

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Jan 23, 2017
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Is Anderson Paak no longer with Aftermath??

All of his new singles that hes put out on youtube dont list aftermath anywhere in the label.

That would be very sad if it is indeed true, but it would kind of make sense as well. Paak's album Malibu is possibly his best album. The album after that was Oxnard, which was in no way a bad album but was his first Aftermath project and overseen by Dre. For the follow up, Ventura, Paak had claimed that Dre gave him a lot more freedom with that record and gave him more creative control. The album ended up being waaaaaaaaay better than oxnard was.

Possibly Paak just had Aftermath to give him an extra push as he was already getting a huge buzz prior, then realized the working relationship just wasnt there like many before him had experienced. I was super excited to see what they would create together, but Dre aint the same guy he was when he was making absolute classics. I doubt anything off of "Compton" gets much replay from anyone here. Except for "Animals" which coincidentally features Paak. I love that song. Everything else is forgettable af.


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Apr 4, 2017
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Wanted to see if you knew about this rapper, if not, see what you think. Found his music on accident, but he's got flow. Zaki Guatemala/El Salvador

Let the first play through

dude not bad.
never heard of him tho.

the second song grew on me kinda fast. starts off slow then picks up mid way.
you right his flow is kinda nice. im going to look up some more of his stuff.
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