The official COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread...aka I hope I don't get the Rona

Dec 20, 2017
ABW Bucks
But I mean, this the first time we're using this. When has a first thing ever gone exactly as planned especially when it comes to placing bits of rna onto the DNA strand? The shot(technically not a vaccine) at first was claimed was safe and effective. But they've pulled some makers shots cu, they're not safe. And effective, well people are still getting covid so not very effective. So what's the point?
But biology isn’t new. If the vaccine is creating a protein, it’s impossible to transmit a protein to somebody. It’s also impossible to transmit mRNA.

And it is a vaccine because a vaccine is administered to trigger an immune response so if a virus enters the body it is more easily defeated. That’s exactly what these vaccines do, just in a different manner.

And in the grand scheme of things, they are safe. 1 in a million people from the J&J vaccine had near death side effects, a few actually dying. That’s better than most other vaccines and most medications.

Effectiveness is relative. They never said 100% effective at not getting COVID, but they did say 100% effective at preventing death from COVID. I think even 100% at hospitalization too.

I don’t blame anyone that’s not comfortable, but at least don’t perpetuate falsehoods.
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