The Official 2021/2022 Football/Soccer Thread

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Aug 11, 2017
ABW Bucks
Either Chelsea is letting out alot of smoke screen or we truly do not have a plan. Feels FMish career mode fifa....all over the place.

We swapping out wingers
Neymar Ronaldo

If its FM
Kounde and DeLigt
Any 2 of Neymar/Dembele

All if we had a pen we couldnt sign anything
Bro, ignore the noise. These folks just making things up. Everyday “Tuchel is a big fan” of a new player.

sifting through the noise, what seems legit is Sterling, De Ligt, and Dembele.

Kounde might be an option too, but after how things end btw Sevilla and us last window, I still think there is bad blood there. They would rather sell to Barcelona even for a lesser price.

Rice might be an option too. A very expensive one. I think that will happen if we are able to sell a bunch of players.

Valentinez A. Kaiser

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Feb 14, 2017
ABW Bucks
Been hearing good things about Arsenal's "new" Vieira.

Maybe the idea is to play odegaard in the double pivot next to xhaka or otherwise Vieira could be an impact sub. We're playing with now 5 subs next season Prem
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