The Official 2020/2021 Football/Soccer Thread


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Dec 23, 2019
ABW Bucks
Can't see the clip but telling someone "stfu" is pretty common on any football field.
In this situation.. it's a captain telling a player to "fucking stay onside". Rashford immediately responds with "stfu.. you fucking knobhead".

Nahh. Captain of united can't be getting talked to like, just for telling player to do his job properly. It's not like he was in his face saying that.

Can't imagine the captains of Madrid, Barca or Bayern, getting that treatment in that context.

For real, you know... Like them man don't know about leopold.
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Dec 21, 2017
ABW Bucks

I'm not seeing losses tho.. I need losses.

Top 4 will get this glazer puppet a new contract.
Quick question. How long do you think any manager lasts that openly goes against the Glazers at Utd?

If you need help, Jose was the last to throw his toys out the pram after not getting Maguire in the summer, he was gone in November.

You sound like the LUHG Twitter trolls. Problem with them and you can’t love Utd and wish for the team to lose.

No logic.
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