The Joe Budden Podcast Thread


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Sep 12, 2020
ABW Bucks
Yep we getting a 45 min breakdown of this event on the next pod..

Joe couldn’t wait to have this convo :lol10:

He gave a full breakdown on why Kevin Hart is being told defend his stand up. He said Kevin Hart wasn’t relatable in it. It’s because Joe doesn’t raise his kids so he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a family man. I’m not the biggest Kevin Hart fan, but Joe was hating on him straight up. Joe real problem was Kevin Hart came on Clubhouse app and got all the attention. Joe started talking about going to his profile and seeing he barely comes on and how many followers he got. He even compared it to artists doing reddit ama. He was furious about that shit. :lol10:“Kev just don’t hop in a room and kick it with the people”:lol10:

Why would he? Didn’t Joe start the convo off saying Kev is a part owner in the app? lol

comparing Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle to two bad bitches?:pause:

I remember one ep where Joe said PARTYNEXTDOOR got on the app. Joe started talking about how he told the hoes he had to leave now because he was old. lol Joe is a nut :lol10:
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